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1599 raphe hatt haywood hungerford brk PCC will 10163
the will of raphe hatt of haywoode yeoman. dated 8 february 1598: 41eliz.
to be buried in my parish church of hungerford.
to my sons john hatt and robert hatt the crop of corn that is or shall be now growing in a ground that i hold of anthony hydden called the sandes for this crop, and for this one crop to be sown by their mother or her asigns five acres in hungerford fields and three in charnham field to be equally divided between them.
to ralphe hatt my son one great garner as he now standeth in the backside of haywood farm and one post barne there now standing, and my lease which i hold by indenture of george cackwill of one acre of arable land lying in hungerford field and the crop of wheat now growing upon the said acre.
to my youngest son thomas hatt the sum of £25 at the age of 22 years.
to ellen hatt my daughter £20 and upwards remaining in the hands of thomas syer of shalborne.
to dorothy hatt my daughter £20, to joanne hatt my daughter £20, to sybbell hatt my daughter £20.
to my youngest sons raphe hatt and thomas hatt £5 to buy them seed oats this next year, to sow the sandes next after the crop of their brothers john and robert and such portion of oats as shall be grown the same ground shall be equally shared between them.
to my said four daughters ellen hatt, dorothy hatt, joane hatt, and sybell hatt one bed apiece with the appurtenances on the day of their marriage at the discretion of their mother jone hatt my wife.
the several portions bequeathed to my children are to be locked in a sure chest with four locks and four keys. the chest to be kept in the house of some honest man and one key kept by each of the following, thomas cannon my brother in law, john my eldest son, robert hatt my second son, and joane my wife.
if joane my wife marries then my good and worshipfull landlord mr. anthony hinton to have the custody of her key.
if any child dies before the age of discretion then their portion to be equally divided between the four youngest remaining children or otherwise at the discretion of my wife and overseers.
to ellen my daughter a cow and to corothy my daughter a cow, at their day of marriage.
the residue of my goods [etc] both real and personal to joane now my wife who is to be sole executrix.
overseers: my landlord mr. anthony hinton esq, and thomas cannon my brother in law of the town of hungerford yeoman, who are to have 6s 8d for their pains.
witnesses: william bronker clerk vicar of hungerford, thomas cannon, john bradford and michaell hawmon.
[testator makes his mark].
probate 8 june 1599 to a proctor on behalf of joanne hatt relict and executrix named in the will.

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