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1633 robert haines hungerford brk dean of sarum will 10166
will of robert haynes of ____ sadler. aged. Dated 18 september 1633
to poor of hungerford 10s
to my ------- johan haynes daughter of my son thomas haynes late of malboro, sadler deceased. my tenement in which i now dwell and also ___ ground in wood m[arsh] in hungerford. ------ my lease thereof which --------- lately granted to me for 99 years.
to my ______ johan west the wife of william west of newbury an annuity of 40s p.a. out of my tenement aforeaid.
to johane west ------ her now husband william west.
to my grandchild martha haynes, one of the other daughters of my son thomas haynes
to my kinsman john haynes of charnam street and to my god daughter elizabeth haynes and to agnes haynes his daughters 5s each.
residue to my grandchild johan haynes who is sole executrix.
overseer mr john wirrall and jehosphat lucas

witnesses: thomas barret, hugh sharpe,
jonathan read.

[above date is of will. DS misc series]

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