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1529 lore hayward hungerford brk archd berks will 10167
the will of lore hayward of hungerford dated 20 march 1528, sick in body.
soul to almighty god and our lady saint mary and to all the holy company of heaven. to be buried in the church of st. laurence of hungerford.
to our lady church of sarum 4d.
to the high alter of st. laurence of hungerford 4d.
to the same church a tevell [towel?]
to our lady of pety [pity?] a kershee
toward the making of a new chalice, a ring.
to johan my daughter my best gown, my blev govn' a green harness girdle, a holland apron and a lokram smock, a great cauldron and a kershee.
to agnes my daughter my tavny gown, my best red kyrtle and my red harness girdle, a canvas smock, one apron, a kershiff, a pan of brass and a pair of amber beddys [beads].
to robert kyrton son to januar kyrton a platter.
to alice kyrton a lockram sheet a red kirtle a lockram kychiff and a petycote
to issabel kyrton a lockram sheet
to issabell fawler a sheet
to john fawler a sheet
to will'm togy a platter
to every man child that be my godchildren 2d
to every woman child that be my godchildren a nyset.
the residue of all my goods to roger my son who is sole executor.
witnesses: januar kyrton, william wren, john harvy, richard nevport and others
dated 21hen 8 [1529].

[above date is of will. register copy]

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