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1568 thomas hinton ashbury brk PCC will 10182
will of thomas hynton of ashbury, berks. Dated
22 december 1567 thomas hynton of erlyscott in the parish of wanborough, bequest to robert hynton second son ... that part of my lease of my farm of lamborne called estridge and powres down paying £4 per annum to anthony hinton during the term of years, and £80 in two instalments of £40 each.
to william hynton third son, lease of parsonage of ashbury and edstone orellees; to thomas hynton youngest son £4 p.a. to be paid out of erlkescott & haiwood during his natural life.
witnesses: roger colly, and robert walron.
probate 27 october 1568 admin to anthony hynton executor.

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