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1625 mary gregory hungerford brk dean of sarum will inv 10188
1) will of mary gregorie of hungerford, widow, 28 may 1625
to the poor of hungerford 10s.
to thomas and mary the children of my kinsman william pearce of hungerford £6-13-4 between them [under 21]
to the said thomas a little brass pot which was my grandmother peases
to my late servant jane now the wife of john blundy £6-13s-4
to isac son of my late servant joane 20s
to thomas and joseph two of the brethren of my said kinsman william pearce
to alexander the son of alexander kyrston of ramsbury
to mary and joane the daughters of henry pikhouse of axford
to john the son of john shepheard, ursula the
daughter of thomas curr, hester the dau of thomas pinnock, mary the daughter of james turner and margery the daughter of john foster being five of my godchildren. The residue to william pearce my kinsman of hungerford who is sole executor
overseers my kinsmen and friends henry pithouse of axford, lyonell whiteyat of the same
[mark of the testator]
Wit: robert hatt, ralphe mackerell, john forty the elder
probate 19 august 1625 to executor named in the will
[nb no signatures - this is a probate copy only]
2) inventory taken 7 june 1625 by anthony younge, richard feilde, john barriker and richard hunt
[no total given]
exhibited at hungerford 19 august 1625

[office copy]

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