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1531 thomas garat lambourn brk archd berks will 10192
will ot thomas garet of lambourne, dated 15 may 1530 of chipping lambourn
to be buried in the church of st. michael the archangel at chipping lambourn before the blessed rood
to the cathedral church of sarum 4d. to the high alter in chipping lamborn 3s-4d. To the reparacions of the church of lamborn 10s. To the rood light 12d. To st clementes light 8d. to the herse light 8d
to william garet my son and i make him my assyner of the indenture of the parsonage of chipping lambourn which i have by grant under the seal of the dean of the chapter of pauls of london
to robert garet my son 20 li
to elsbeth garet the wife of jamys garat my best harness girdle with silver and gilt. To the same jamys garat my son one cow and 10 lambs and all his mother's lands
to elsabeth semor my daughter her mothers best gown and best kirtle
to elsabeth garet the wife of william garet and alice garet the wife of robert garat my wifes best beads of coral gauded with silver to be departed between them two.
to thomas garat, john, elsabeth, and annes the children of jamys garat my son to every one of them a sheep apiece.
to thomas garet the elder the son of william garet one cow and 6 sheep and one spoon of silver.
to thomas, robert, john, johan the children of william garat every one of them 2 sheep a piece.
to thomas semor, john phelippys, annes and elyn the children of william semor every one of them 1 sheep.
to john mortimer my servant 1 sheep.
to richard blagrave my servant 1 sheep
to john yngram my servant 1 sheep
to john ayer 6 sheep and a calf and 1 bed with all stuff belonging to a bed and i will that wil'm garat my son have the keeping of him all the stuff till the time that he be of lawful age.
also the said john to have 2 acres of barley.
to edith my servant 2 sheep
to mavde my servant 2 sheep
the residue to william garat my son who i make executor
overseers: i make and ordain sir edward johnson chantry priest of our lady in chipping lamborn, edward garat, john eden my supervisors and for their labours a give them 6s-8d each
witnesses: sir richard avenannde vic: jamys garat, richard garat and robert yngram.
probate 20 april 1531 to executor above written.

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