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1676 alice jeffery hungerford brk dean of sarum will inv 10205
will and inventory: alice jeffrey of hungerford
1) inventory of alice jeffery of hungerford widow, taken 1 may 1676
sum £21-16-6
jehosophat stephens, robert rabnatt
exhibited 2 may 1676 sub jurat walteri tuttle consanguinei
2) will of alice jeffery of hungerford, widow, dated 16 july 1675
to my kinswoman alice webb, wife of john webb the younger of hungerford husbandman
the residue to my kinsman walter tuttle of edington in hungerford yeoman who is sole executor
testators mark (x)
witneses: jehosophat stephens, robert rabnutt
probate: 2 may 1676 sub jur, walter tuttle consanguinei,

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