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1681 anne jennings ramsbury wil dean of sarum inv bond deed 10209
inventory, bond and deed of gift of anne jennings
1) inventory of goods of anne jennings late of ramsbury, vid taken 30 june 1681 by john stone and william issard
sum £7-13-0
exhibited july 1681
2) bond: presentes nos johem jennings of ramsbury tanner et josephus jennings ibidem tanner in £100 11 may 1681
above bounden john jennings the natural and lawful son and adtor of anne jennings of ramsbury vid intestate together with her deed of gift annexed
3) deed of gift
marriage intended between john jennings son of the said anne jennings and mary jennings daughter of thomas jennings of eastridge in ramsbury in consideration of the natural love i have for my son john jennings i give him all my estate etc in a tenement in ramsbury
john jennings to pay elizabeth, jospeh and margaret jennings the children of the said anne jennings £30 dated 30 february 1672
signed anne (x) jennings
witnesses: margaret (x) wilde, jo: wilde
goods in her will are excepted from the deed of gift [no will extant]

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