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1597 thomas loveday soley chilton foliat wil archd berks will bond 10276
Estate of thomas loveday of soley
1) will of thomas loveday of soley 18 april 1597 husbandman, sick in body.
to margaret loveday my well beloved wife and to the maintaining and bringing up of my children £4 within 1 year.
my brother anthony loveday to be sole executor
i owe unto my brother anthony £9, that £9 to be considered of & my mother, her due as she of right ought to have, and my other debts to be considered of,
2 honest neighbours named by anthony, to be in conscience what my brother anthony shall give to my children, and all other things above said to be considered of.
overseers: thomas smith yeoman and thomas withers(?).
the mark of thomas (x) lovedaye
witnesses: thomas smyth, william miller and me john waterman.
2) presentes me thomas loveday de soley infra paroch de chilton foliat co wilts husbandman, tenori et firmiter obligari anthonii lovedaye de pva [parva] hidden infa paroch hungerford in co berks husbandman in octo decim libris bene et legalis monete anglie solendie eidem anthonii loveday aut suo certo attornato executoribus administratoribus vell assignatis, suis ad quam quidem soluconem bene et fideliter faciandan, obligo me heredes executores et administratores meos firmiter per presentes sigill meo sigillato, datum decimo octo die aprillis eliz tricesimo nono 1597 ad.
witnesses: signed sealed and delivered in the presence of thomas smith, william miller and me john waterman. the mark of thomas (x) loveday.
the condition of this obligation is such that if the above bounden thomas loveday (his heirs executors administrators or assigns, or any of them [erased] Md[memorandum] that this line was strocken out before then sealing and delivering of these presence, do allowe and suffer that to be his last will and testament which anthony loveday above named, to be his wholle executor, which will bearing the day of the date of these presents, which in the said will playnelye apeareth, if this condicion be performed and kepte by the above bounden thomas loveday, then this obligation to be voyde and of non effect or else to stand and remayne in his full force power and vertue.
w[here]as that the foresaid thomas loveday have demised and granted and by these presents doe give and graunte, to the said anthony loveday all that messuage or tenement sett lying and being in soley and chilton aforesaid, with all maner of appurtences heredements and all maner of prerequisites and commondities belonging to the said tenement whatever, from the feast day of the annunciation of our b.v.m. which shall be in the year of our lord 1599 next begining after the date of theses presentes unto the full end and term of one whole year next ensuing the date above said, if the said thomas loveday doe paye unto the said anthony loveday the sum of nyne shillings of good and lawful money of england upon the feast day the annunciation of our b.l.m. the v. next ensuing after the date of these presentes allso nyne poundes nyne shillings of good and lawful money of england, to be payed on the feast day of a.b.l.m. which shal be in the year of our lord god 1599 next ensung after the date of these presentes, if the payment be payed as is aforesaid, then this grant to [stand and remain- erased] be voyde and of none effect or els to stand and remain in his full force and power and vertue.
imprimis i have payd to anthony loveday and thomas loveday ixli xs [£9-10s]
item more to thomas loveday xxxs [30s]
item to mr alexandre recoswell(?) iii li [£3]
item to william may xliiii s [44s]
som to[tal] xvi li iiii s [£16-4s]
[there is not the usual endorsement of probate]
NB there is no endoresement of probate

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