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1583 edith marshall shalbourne wil dean of sarum bond inv 10294
estate of edith marshall widow of shalborne
1) bond: presentes not thomam curr de hungerford co berks husbandman et willmu' grenewaye de shalborne husbandman in £60
dated 29 june 25 eliz
the above bounden thomas curr and william grenewaye the executors of the last will and testement of edith marshall late of shalborne, widow, deceased to pay legacies in the last will and testement of the said edith marshall.
[both sign and affix their seal]
2) invemtory taken by john mondaie, ralphe hatt and robert pearsye als noone 28 june 1583
household goods
scales and weights
iron tooles of all sorts
a lease of a peece of land called westcrofte for vii or viii years yet to come £8
sum £33-16-0
exhibited by thomas curr and william grenewaye executors etc 29 june 1583

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