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1602 alice miller hungerford brk dean of sarum will bond inv 10299
will, bond and inventory of alice miller 1601
1) will of alice miller of hungerford, widow, 2 april 1601
to francis bordman, my son in law
to john bordman his son
jo jone furlenger? widow of west deane in sussex
to marie goddwine my daughter marie's daughter
to dorithie elstone my daughter
to john hall my son in law's son
marie hall my son in law john hall's daughter
william hall john halls son
anne hall john hall's daughter
christopher hall john halls son
edward hall john halls son
mabell hall john halls daughter
alice hall wife of the said son-in-law john hall
to philip morrice
elizabeth morrice my daughter
dorothy hall has residue and is executrix
richard maile of hungerford clothier, thomas carpenter dyer of hungerford overseers
witnesses: william bronker clerke vicar of hungerford, richard mayle, thomas carpenter, john bordman.
2) inventory of alice miller of town of hungerford, widow taken 4 march 1600 by william langfeld,
thomas langfeld, robert (x) lovegrove, william waite
sum total £43-12-8
3) bond by dorothy hall of hungerford, spinster and john bordman of hungerford inholder
2 april 1601
probate 1601 [from index]

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