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1658 alice parker edington hungerford brk PCC nunc will 10326
nuncupative will of alice parker spoken on 21 august 1658
alice parker late of eddington in the parish of hungerford widow deceased the relict and late wife of roger parker the elder late of eddington yeoman deceased being sick and weak in her bed did express her will as follows:-
in the presence of margaret atkins widdow and anne hutchins spinster
to my grandchildren ellen brancklyn my brass warming pan.
all the rest of my goods to my 5 children which are now in england namely, katherine thomas george anne and arthur equally divided and they are all to be joint executors.
witneses: margaret (x) atkins, anne (x) hutchkins.
probate: london 24 nov 1658, on the oathes of thomas, anne and arthur hutchins 3 of the executors named in the will. power reserved to katherine and george hutchins the other executors.

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