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1567 richard paty shefford west brk archd berks will 10331
will of richard paty of west shefford, yeoman dated 6 august 1566 [register copy]
my soul to almighty god and jesus christ my redeemer.
to be buried in parish curch of west shefford
to mother church of sarum 2d
to agnes paty my wife all the lnds which i bought of my master mr. fettyplace commonly called marchames for her life only saving the coppice which i give to my brother anthony paty immediatley after my decease.
to my brother anthony paty the rest of the lands called marchames after the decease of my wife. in consideration of which my brother anthony paty to pay the following legacies [etc]
to my brother anthony paty my piece in the woodlands of 2 acres, also weste, mr foster's man, oweth me 28s 8d and 10 sheep which money and sheep i give to my brother anthony paty, also i give him £10 as well.
to my mother in law widow barnes 40s.
to alice barnes my sister in law 6 sheep
to my sister clierdenes 4 children which she now hath £4 at lawful age.
to anthony antons 3 children that he now hath, 3 sheep at their lawful age.
mr. parson clinton oweth me 40s whereof 20s i give to agnes my wife and 20s to mr edward clinton.
i do owe to 2 of my lady hungerford's godchildren in the vale 5s a piece which my lady hungerford gave them, whic money my brother anthony paty must pay them.
to my godson john graynie [grayme/graynne ?] 3s-4d or a sheep at his lawful age
john glover oweth me 20 bushels of wheat whereof i give him 10 of them.
john haseldon oweth me 10 bushels of wheat whereof i give him and the other 20s to agnes my wife
jhu' veryman oweth me 16s which i give to richard veryman my godson
i do owe richard browne in buckinghamshire 10s which he shall have of my brother anthony
i do owe to john hidden 23s-4d and a bushel of wheat and he shall receive 20s from my brother anthony paty and the rest from agnes my wife.
i do owe john raynoldes a bushel of wheat to be paid by anthony paty
i do owe to my brother in law thomas barnes for 1 acre of barley 10s to be paid on bartholomew's day by agnes paty.
i give to my godfather john nores a bushel of wheat to be paid by anthony paty
i give to [george paty 10s - erased] cowper and comyn and mother hodges 12 each to be paid by anthony paty.
i give to george paty 10s to be paid by agnes paty
to jone mr parson's woman 8s which she shall recieve of john adse(?)
to mr parson for the making of this will 3s-4d
to richard haynes 12d
the debts that my brother in law thomas willis claimeth of me i put to anthony paty his pleasure and disposition.
the residue to agnes my wife who is sole executrix.
sum inv: £22-2s
Probate newbury 10 april 1567 to the executor named in the will

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