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1713 william pike chisbury little bedwin wil dean of sarum will inv 10343
will and inventory of william pike
1) will dated 7 may 1713. william pike, yeoman of chisbury little bedwin.
i give to my sister joan randell 20s
to thomas randells 2 sons thomas and edward 20s each
to my sister brayes daughter mary 10s
to my sister brayes grandchildren, robert, ambrose and anne £5 each.
i give to anne bray their mother 10s
i give to the said mary brayes son edward £5
i give to the rest of the said mary brayes children 20s each
i give to john wentworth;s son john £2-10s
to frederick his brother 20s
to stephen wentworths son john 50s
to james wentwoth's 4 children 20s each.
to thomas dobson £5 i sent to richard dobson his son and to take it there.
to executrix mary tarrant's children 20s e
to godson james swait 5s.
to godson anthony kington 5s.
to goddaughter elizabeth dobson 10s
to john talmage of great bedwin 20s
to his son john 10s
to james hiddings of hungerfords three children 20s each.
executrix mary tarrant, widow, late wife of william tarrant to pay within one year to the above or to their legal representatives if any of the above die.
to sister brayes grandson robert bray £20 to be paid one year after my decease if james wentworth of lamborn woodlands be then living and not otherwise.
to the poor of little bedwin not receiving parish alms 40s
to godson william vivash 5s, william mildenhall 5s, and goddaughter elinor chapman 5s.
to widow higgins, widow andews and widow hamen of collingborne 5s.
rest of goods to well beloved friend mary tarrant, late wife of william tarrant of chisbury, to be executrix, to take out £10 to bury me.
to all her children by william tarrant 20s a peece.
signed: william (x) pyke his mark, and a seal.
witnesses: john bushell, john freegood, ann (x) wilkins, her mark.
2) inventory: taken june 25 1713 by timothy kimber, and edmund (x) tarrant.
wearing apparell and money £2-0s-0d
leasehold ground at stock £25-0s-0d
corn executors year etc £32-0-0
household goods (few)
total £70-5s-0d
bonds and debts owing to him £36-0s-0d
sum total £106-5-0
exhibited 27 june 1713

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