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1639 walter ryme baydon wil dean of sarum inv bond 10366
inventory and bond of walter rime [wrongly indexed in court books as kyme]
1) inventory of goods of walter rime of baydon
taken by beniemen barly and john rowland 22 april 1640
stock in husbandry sum £70-0-0
sign: beniamine barly, john roland, edward hinton
annie rime (x), peter (x) rime
exhib vel die junii 1640
2) bond: presentes nos agnetem ryme de baydon, viduam et petrum ryme idb' agric et johi' longe de shalborne agricolem in £100, 1 july 1639
agnes ryme ye relict and peter ryme the father the adtors of the goods of walter ryme of baydon.

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