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1661 alice sare hungerford brk dean of sarum will inv 10374
will of alice sare of hungerford, widow.
to son joseph 1s
to richard son of john langfield 20s at the age of 21 years or if he die before 21 years then to his sister sarah langfield at 21 years
to richard son of george sharpis 20s at 21 years
to daniel faynes 40s at 21 years
to my son john sare £10 paid 20 years after my death
to daughter alice the wife of thomas greene one half of all my goods within doors except that which belongs to the trade of baking.
alice to use the rooms in the house but not to exclude my son thomas sare
to jone the wife of my son mr. richard sare clothes etc.
to my daughter ursula langfield gown etc.
to daughter elizabeth sharpis gown etc.
to my daughter alice green. t
to my daughter katherine barden.
rest of my wearing apparell to ursula langfield, elizabeth sharpis and my daughter in law jone the wife of my son john sare.
the residue of my goods to my son thomas who is sole executor
12 june 1660
alice (x) sare [makes mark and affixes seal]
witnessed: richard sare, william holmes, robert (x) holmes
commission: oath taken 18 november 1661
long inv in total £129-17-0 taken by edmund stevens and adrian pollarne
probate 1661

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