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1693 thomas sare hungerford brk dean of sarum inv bond 10376
inventory and bond of thomas sare of hungerford
1) inventory of goods of thomas sare of hungerford taken by thomas robinson and roger pike
in the shop one chest and cobert 0-4-0
in the chamber over the shop
in the workhouse 1 furnis, 1 walk kittel and planks and blocks, a parcel of woods and hats a making and other timber £5-4-6
in the shop 24 hats and lining bands £2-0-0
in the feld and garden 1 acre of sorry barley and the calworts and ___ in the garden 0-10-1
sum £20-10-1
when my husband departed i hav govt ovr
i sins the soule a hat for 3s
rescued of william blak 0-4
yearned of mr wodraf 0-2
rescued of goody viner 0-6
rescued of cornealias betridg 3-8
rescued for coluerts 0-1
rescued for gosbrys 0-2
exhibited 24 july 1693 alicia relict
[signed?] thomas robinson and roger pike
2) bond: presentes nos aliciam sare de hungerford vid et willimum barnes de east woodhay in co south feltmaker et thomam baines de nova saram feltmaker in £100
26 june 1693
above bounden alice sare relict of thomas sare of hungerford intestate
signed: alles sare, willi barnes, thomas (X) banes

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