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1643 thomas stroud shefford west brk archd berks inv 10467
inventory of thomas stroude
total £5006-15-2d, exhibited at newbury last day of march 1643 on behalf of john strowde, one of the executors in the will.
bona notabilia ad summan £5 et ultra in diversis dioces etc, john to prove in PCC sub paena juris.
inventory taken by henry smith and william doore 23 december 1643
imprimis his wearing apparel and money in his purse £8-0s-8d
debts special
joseph nixon by bond £10
richard nixon £10 [bond]
john payne of shefford and john payne estgarston £5 [bond]
richard payn of estgarston £5
richard payn of estgarston and adam payne of shefford woodlands £28
richard payne of estgarston and john payne of shefford woodlands £20
john payn of estgarston and john payne of shefford woodlands £10
richard payne the elder and richard payne the younger of estgarston £10
richard payne of shefford and micheall payne of shefford woodlands £5
adam payne of shefford woodlands £15
adam payne and peter dore of shefford woodlands £5
john payne of shefford woodlands £5
thomas langford of shefford woodlands and his father by bonds £15
william doore of estgarston by 3 bonds £20
thomas chamberlayne of lamborn woodlands £10
william coxhead of welford and jeane gray of the same £1
john eastmond of wellford and john and edward eastmond his sonnes £20
edward eastmond of north hidden £10
edward moorecocke and edward roase of harne[?] £5
thomas haslier of shefford woodlands £15
thomas langford jnr of shefford woodlands £5
thomas bonner and robert parker of eddington £10
thomas bonner of edington and thomas hoskins of hungerford £15
john orchard and thomas orchard of estgarston by 2 bonds £10
john hobbes of hidden £10
robert hobbes of hidden £5
thomas stockwell of hidden £5
john winter and george shepard of estgarston £5
peeter rime and agnis rime of baydon £5
henry smith of allborne by 2 bonds £20
john cox sen and john cox jun of shefford woodlands £5
john cox of shefford woodlands and thomas lamport of hidden £5
john may of eastberry £5
thomas addams of shefford £10
thomas jeames and john jeames of estgarston £5
thomas choules and john choules of baydon £6
harvie doare and john w[?]anday of boxford £2
thomas day and john day of chilton foliat £2
simon verchild of lamborn £6
robert halloway and john darne of lamborn £5
adam hatt of shefford woodlands and giles hatt of leckhamstede £5
thomas garrett of shefford £6
john prince of little shefford £2
thomas barratt of hongerford £2
henry michell of hongerford and thomas langfford of shefford woodlands £10
henry michell of hungerford by his bill £3
debts desperatt without speciality, by several men £60

in the backside
1 stack of haye £1
3 rother 'bease' and 2 bullocks £7-10s
21 sheep £5
2 hogges £3
3 powltrey saw wood £0-3-6
In the barne
a stack of wheat £3
a mow of barley £6
a willa, 4 seafes [sieves], a winning sheatt, 2 maltseffes 5d
in the field
3 akears of wheat £3
[then follows a list of household effects]
total £5006-15s-2d
signed henry smith, william dore

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