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1570 john walrond eastbury lambourn brk archd berks will inv 10500
Estate of of john walrond of eastbury, yeoman
1)will of john walrond of estburye, yeoman
to william my son
to tristram my son (under 16 years)
to my brother thomas walrond
to john my son (under 16)
my lease of peakes otherwise called burnye house
my brother john walron
residue to agnes my wife and john my son who are to be executors
my cousin thomas walron, my brother john walron and john loveday and my cosin john walrond of uplamborn to be my overseers
witnesses: william parker, robart barche, thomas greene, thomas woodward and others
[will registered]
2) inventory taken 13 december 1570, taken by thomas walrond gent, john walrond senior, john loveday, john walrond junior, yeoman, robert burch, william parker, wiliam carter
sum £57-10s

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