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1573 thomas waldron eastborn lambourn brk PCC will 10502
will of thomas walron of esborne als isberne in the parish of chipping lambourne gent, dated 16 september 1582, 24 eliz, sick in body
to be buried in the church of chipping lambourne
to the cathedral church of sarum £4
to the parish church of chipping lamborne 20s
to the parish church of estgarston 6s-8d
to robert my son £60
to thomas my son £20
to anthony and henry my sons £60 each at the age of 23 years
to marian my daughter £60 at the day of her marriage, to elizabeth my daughter £50 at the day of her marriage
my executors to fing the said robert, anthony, henry, marian and elizabeth my sons and daughters competant meat, drink and lodging, apparell [etc] until their legacies be paid providing they do such reasonable service to my executors as becometh them
also they shall find the like for my son thomas until the lease of the farm of esborne aforesaid is expired provided that he will to the like service during the said term
to john loveden the younger 10 ewes
to each of my sevants 10 bushels of barley
to thomas clerk the son of my brother john clerk, 10 ewes at the age of 21 years
to agnes straunge the wife of john straunge of ardington one young heifer with calf
to edward the son of the said john straunge 6 ewes
to agnes woodward one calve bullock of 5 years of age and one quater of barly
to each of my godchildren 6d
to henry hobbes my son in law my black ambling gelded colt
to joan my wife my lands and tenements etc called westcroft in the parish of sparsholt during her life or until her remarriage.
the remainder to my son john and his heirs male for ever but charged with an annuity of £5-6-8 to be paid to robert my son during his lifetime.
in default of heirs male of john then the remainder to robert my son and in default [etc] to anthony and in default [etc] to henrie and in default [etc] to my right heirs forever.
to thomas my son all my lands tenements [etc] in enborne to him and his heirs male for ever and in default thereof the remainder to anthony my son and in default [etc] to henry my son and in default [etc] to john my son and in default [etc] to the right heirs forever.
to any son shall mortgage, sell or pledge his interest or title to any part of my lands or tenements then he shall be exculded entirely from his title to the premises which shall go to the next in tail.
all my lands and tenements [etc] in estburye and esgarston and all else whereof i am seised to john my son and his heirs forever
the residue of my estate both real and personal to jone my wife who is joint executor with john my son
overseers: my brother in law john clark of ardington, my cousin robert walron of little hinton, my brother in law anthony hydden and my son in law henry hobbes to each 13s-4d for their pains
witnesses: henry parvye gent, john loveday, william carter, william loveden, john hethe [the will was written by henry parvye]
probate: 11 april 1583 to proctor for joanne relict and johannis waldron fillii

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