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1628 jane walrond uplambourn lambourn brk archd berks will inv 10513
will and inventory of jane wallrond
1) will of jane walrond of uplamborn, widow, dated 11 jan 1627 [original will]
time to prepare myself for the departure of this life
to be buried in lamborn churchyard
to my son thomas walrond 5s
to my son william walrond £6 and 1 great brass candlestick and 1 brazen chafing dish
to my son robert walrond £6 and 1 brass pan which i last did buy
to my son roger walrond £12 and 1 great brass pot and one great broach which i did buy of goodwife burch
to my daughter elizabeth hidinge 20s and my best gown and my best petticoat which john harris did make and my best cloak and safeguard and one new holland sheet and my best hat and my black apron and my best holland apron and i give her also 2 of my best p[?]arblets and my best double holland kerchief and my best single holland kerchief.
i give to my duaghter joane bacon 10s and 1 gown and 1 petticoat and 1 holland parcelett and 1 holland kerchief
i give to my son in law thomas cheinie 20s
to my daughter susan cheynie 20s and my gown and petticoat which thomas rime did make me and 1 holland sheet and 2 holland partolets and 2 holland kerchiefs and 1 holland apron
to my grandchild thomas walrond 20s
to elizabeth walrond and jane walrond daughters of my son thomas walrond 20s each
to the said jane walrond my 4 yards of cloth
to the chilren of my son in law john hidinge 20s each
to jane hiding my god daughter 1 petticote cloth and lockerham sheet
to joane bacon the younger 30s and to all the rest of my daughter bacon's children 20s each
to the said joane bacon the younger 1 coverlet now in the possession of joane bacon the elder
to the children of my son in law thomas cheinie 20s each
to the poor of uplamborne 6s-8d
to my son in law john hiddinge 2 bushels of wheat
to the church of lamborne 1s
my executor to pay these legacies as he shall be able in the space of 4 years after my death
if any of the legators die before the age of 21 years or the day of marriage their portion shall remain to the survivors
my son john walrond the residue and to be sole executor
the parents of the above children to give security to my executor to defend him and save him harmless from the children as they shall be under 21 years of age or the said legacies to remain in his hands unpaid until they reach the age of 21 years
overseers: my brothers john streate and robert streate to have 3s-4d each
[testator makes mark] [seal with arms]
witnesses: willia' ffisher, john (X) streate
[on dorse] i john walrond of uplamborn yeoman, eldest son of the within named jane walrond do promise that if i overlive the said jane i will see the will performed and satisfied to the uttermost 20 april 1628 [mark of] john walrond
witnessed: henry smith, john (X) streete
probate oxon 29 july 1628 to the executor first named in the will

2) inventory
taken 22 july 1628 by william fisher and henry smith gents and john streete yeoman
in her purse and apparell £20
3 horses £12
9 beasts and bullocks £9
100 sheepe £30
in corn in the house and fields £20
swine of all sort and poltry 50s
wood and timber 40s
plow carts and other for husbandry £3
her wool £7
her bedding and linen £5
the brass pewter and iron 40s
the wooden vessels 20s
other small percells and lumber 20s
1 lease taken of john monday wherin are yet 8 years
to come worth £8
a bond due by mr thomas orpwoodd £10
an old mill and cesterne stone 15s
sum total £133-5s
exhibited for john walrond etc 29 july 1628

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