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1647 avis young hungerford brk PCC will 10549
will of avis young of hungerford widow aged and inform, dated 22 may 1644
to son william young of garford 30s
to his 2 children john and mary 20s each
to son in law thomas oram 10s
to daughter elizabeth his wife household stuff
residue to my grandchildren william and elizabeth oram who are made executors
overseers: edmund stephens gent of hungerford, john forty yeoman of hungerford, roger oram, blacksmith of shalborne
executors minors
[testator makes mark]
witnesses: adrian wollarn, thomas (X) isdale
codecil: desparate debt of £40 owed by william broadwater of ensumferrye, co oxon, butcher
witness in add: richard (X) mayle
probate to thomas oram father of william and elizabeth 1647
pro: probate 11/200/£95

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