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1668 john arundell shefford brk bishop of salisbury will bond comm renun 10578
Estate of john arundell of shefford [yeoman - from index]
1) will dated 24 january 1659
sign: john (x) arundell
Wit: symon (x) arundel, thomas seamor
to sons john and benjamin (under 14 years)
daughter hester (40 pounds)
son symon (40 pounds)
son anthony (40 pounds)
father in law anthony stroud & uncle john stroud - executors
overseers: thomas smith, john blagrove jn (both of little shefford)
2) commission
administration oath taken by margery stroud, widow of anthony stroud, deceased 27 july 1668
3) renunciation
john stroud renounces right to administer to his sister in law margery
witness: jo: wilde, thomas stroud
20 june 1668 signed j. stroude
4) bond
nos. margery stroud of baydon widow and john stroud of kinbury - yeaton berks, tanner
margery swears to administer bound in ducentis et quadraginta [£240 ?]etc
margery (x) stroud
johannis (x) stroud
Wit: john norris, samuel norris
Probate 1668 [from index]

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