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1666 joan bailey hidden hungerford brk dean of sarum will inv comm 10582
Estate of joan bayley of hungerford
1) will of joan bayley widow of hedden in parish of hungerford
probate 30 june 1666
1) will dated 19 may 1657
sign: joan bayley (x)
witnesses: steven (X) jannings, ann hopkins
son in law thomas burges
3 grandchildren john burges, thomas burges, joseph burges (thomas's sons)
rest to grandchild ambros, son of daughter abigail deceased, he is to be executor
overseers: good friends john strawde, richard eastmond
2) commision: ambrose ______ (no surname gived)
taken before ___ day etc
(details not filled in)
3) inventory:
8th december 1658 taken by jospeh osborne, thomas (X) burgges, exhibited 1666, 3 june
sum total £19-13-0

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