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1674 thomas bird hidden hungerford brk dean of sarum bond com inv 10590
bond, inventory and commision: thomas bird of hungerford, husbandman
1) commision
oath taken by anne bird widow before me robert abbot vicar of hungerford
5th december 1674
2) bond december 1674
nos: anne bird of hungerford, berks, widow, adwin williams de hungerford dyer (sign), john toe de hungerfrod collarmaker (sign) in presence of robert abbot, john stephens
thomas bird died intestate
3) inventory: exhibited 14th december 1674, taken 8 september 1674
thomas bird late of hidden, husbandman, by adwin williams, thomas hobbs the elder, and thomas hobbs the younger (all sign)
sum total £47-00-00

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