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1689 roger biss hungerford brk dean & canons of windsor bond inv 10629
bond and inventory: roger bisse of hungerford
1) bond
mariam bisse of hungerford vid, josephum bisse de hungerford fellmanger, et gabrielem viner de hungerford cordwainer 19 june 1689
mary bisse the relict and adtrix of goods of roger bisse of hungerford taylor
2) inventory
taken by gabriel viner of charnham street cordwinder, john biss of hungerford taylor, and joseph biss of hungerford, fellmanger [all sign] 18 june 1689
total £91-15-7 1/4
exhibited 19 june 1689
the inventory lists trade materials in detail including leather buttons and lumber in the shop (debts owing £44-15-17 1/4)

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