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1644 henry fairthorne soley chilton foliat wil bishop of salisbury will bond 10688
nuncupative willl and bond: henry faythorne of soley 1644
1) nuncupative will spoken 7 february 1644
probate 12 march 1644
henry faythorne, late of soley, yeoman
wearing apparell to william sparrow
cloak to william hamlyn
rest to my wife- desiring if anything left at time of her death to remember amy morrocke
2) bond
nos: william sparrow de soley, chilton foliat, joyner and thomas whitly of marlborough, taylor £280 etc
[both sign]
william sparrow to administer dated 12 march 1644
william hamblin renounces as joint executor of widow amy fairthorne, deceased (to william sparrows other executor)
11 march 1644

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