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1687 humprey randall hungerford brk dean of sarum bond inv comm 10766
commsion, bond and inventory of humphrey randell of hungerford
1) commision
oath taken up by alce randall widow of humphrey 4 november 1687
2) inventory
taken 26 oct 1687 by john maberly, thomas robinson and thomas woodroofe
includes: at the town mill - household goods and beds etc
at the mill at edington - household goods, no beds etc
total including money on spartiality £133
in purse £31
due upon books £75
in simple contract £11
5 fishing nets £1
silver cup upon pawn of 20s £1
sum total £294-1s-11 1/2d
exhibited 5 november 1687
3) bond
nos alce randall, edward atkins and guulltrus tuttle
3 november 1687
admon to alce randall
edward atkins sign, walter tuttle (x) his mark

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