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1741 thomas horn sandon fee hungerford brk dean & canons of windsor will 10830
will of thomas horn of sanden fee in hungerfrod collermaker, dated 18 november 1739
to my wife sarah horn my freehold estate for her life
to elizabeth pocock the wife of john pocock of hungerford joiner (who is also the daughter of george white of hungerford joiner)
to george pocock son of john and elizabeth pocock
to john pocock son of john and elizabeth pocock
to ann stephens wife of jehosophat stephens of hungerford, barber (another daughter of george white)
to george grant son of alexander grant and sarah his late wife deceased (another daughter of george white)
hannah white daughter of george white to be executrix
mark of testator (x)
witnesses: thomas young, john bannister, jehosophat kimber junior
probate 26 may 1741

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