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1607 agnes curr shalbourne brk dean of sarum will 10945
will of agnes curr of shawborne co berks widow
to mathew gingell husband of my daughter alse 1 acre of wheat and 1 acre of barley in satisfaction for an acre of wheat and an acre of barley given to alse by my husband her late father
to robert curr my son in satisfaction [etc as above]
lastly considering that i have heretofore bestowed one other my children much portions as i thought meet for them [etc] the residue of my goods [etc] to be divided between my sons thomas curr and robert curr who are joint executors
dated 6 february 1606
overseers: john austin and edward pash my neighbours
witnesses: rowland hyll [signs]
john austin [distincrive mark]
john paske [distinctive mark]
probate: 8 september 1607

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