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1611 robert pearse bagshot shalbourne wil dean of sarum will inv 10947
Estate of robert peerse of bagshot in shalborne
1) will of robert peerse of bagshot in shalborne, husbandman
dated 14 april 1608
to my son robert
to my son thomas
to my 3 daughters margarett, agnes and christian
to john son of my daughter elizabeth
to my brothers john peerse the elder and john peerse the younger
to richard peerse wife of thomas thalcombe
to jone dodford, jone tasker and alce robertson of hungerford my late servants
overseers: my brother john peerse the younger and my neightbour george holmes
witnesses: robert hatt, robert thorne and john peerse the younger
probate: hungerford, 8 november 1611
Inventory of the goods of robert peerse of bagshot, yeoman taken by
john peerse and john basinge of shalborn
27 november 1611
total £40-12-8
[both make mark]

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