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1553 william paty shefford west brk archd berks will inv 12322
1) will of william paty of west shefford dated 25 jan [feb ?] 1553 [probate copy, also in register D] to be buried in the churchyard of shefford
to my son richard patie 10 sheep and a weaned calf
to my son antonye patye 10 sheep and a weaned calf
to my dau agnes willons 10 sheep and a weaned calf
to thomas willons my son-in-law a yearling calf
to thomas willons son to the said thomas 2 sheep
to ---------- one of my godvhildren 4d
to robert haysell 12d
to richard horshe 12d
the residue to elizabeth my wife who is executrix
overseers: robert haisell and richard horish
witnesses: willm buck, john hiddon, willm robinson and others
Sum inv: £13-7s-6d. Probate Newbury 12 oct 1553
2) Inventory praysed by john hydden and william buck
in the hall:
1 table & 2 trestles 8d
1 old cupboard 8d
a towrne wheale [turnwheel] 4d
a forme 2d
in the chamber:
3 coppers [coffers ?] 2s
a coverlet 3s-4d
4 pairs of canvas sheets 10s
a pair of blankets 2s-8d
a flockbed 2s-8d
2 bolsters 2s
2 pillows 6d
1 tester of a bed 20d
3 yards of woolen cloth 3s
1 todd of wool 10s
1 russet coat 10s
1 old russet coat 12d
2 old shirts 20d
1 pair of hosen 20d
1 doublet 12d
1 bonnet 12d
1 table cloth 12d
1 silver spoon 20d
in the kitchen:
1 pair of pothangers 8d
4 brazen pots 10s
2 pans 4s
4 kettles and a chafing dish 4s
1 dozen of pewter platters & 3 saucers 5s
2 candlesticks & 1 salt seller 8d
1 iron broach 6d
1 frying pan 4d
5 'baytelles' and an 'chever' 2s
a hatchet and an axe 8d
in the barn:
6 quarters of wheat praised at 4s-8d the quarter 28s
7 quarters of barley praised at 3s-4d the quarter 23s-4d
a half quarter of oats 16d
6 bushels of fatches [vetches] 6s
1 quarter of pesen [peas] 2s-8d
1 load of hay 5s
2 sieves & a riddle & a malt sieve 8d
2 sacks 6d
2 loads of wood 2s
1 plow with all the appurtenances 5s
2 carts 26s-8d
4 horses with the horse's harness 33s-4d
3 kine
1 yearling 3s-4d
lxxx(?) [80] sheep £5
4 hogs & a 'bore' pig 10s
4 pigs weaning 4s
6 geese 16d
20 ducks 3s-4d
12 hens & a cock 2s-4d
Summa £13-7s-6d
Debts which the said willyam patie owed the day of departing
to thomas wyllons 20s
to william buck 2s
to anthonye patie 2s
to john hydden 2s
Sum inde 26s

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