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1660 john hidden newbury brk PCC admons 12342
duodecimo die emanavit com'issio will'mo leeke avunculo et curatori ad litig l'time assignat johanni hidden filio n'rali et l'timo johannis hidden nuper de newbery in com berk defuncti hen'tis ec ad administrand bona iura et credita dcd defuncti duran minori etate johannis hidden filio n'ralis et l'time einsdem defuncti de bene ec vigore _____ comissionis jurat
[on the 12th day it was entrusted to william leeke uncle and guardian nominated by john hidden the lawful and natural son of john hidden late of newbury co berks, deceased to administer the goods and credits of the said deceased during the minority of john hidden the son, which commission he swore to execute properly and vigorously]

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