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1804 thomas winkworth hungerford brk dean & canons of windsor will 6455
will of thomas winkworth of edington in the parish of hungerford farmer
Trustees my friends robert corter of edington mill miller and thomas ray of helmes farm, farmer.
real estate as follows:- house, barn, yard and premises in edington; 30 acres of land in edington field,; five tenements and gardens in edington; house, malthouse, and hop garden in newtown; also three tenements and gardens adjoining;cottage and garden in newtown; two tenements and gardens in piquet lot (one in the occupation of my son jesse). The profits and rents for the use of my wife during her life, and after her decease to convey to my son john for £2500 if he shall require it. If not then to sell by auction and deemed to become part of my personal estate.
Personal estate (except as afterwards specifically named) stock in trade, cattle utensils in husbandry to be sold and the money invested, the interest to be paid to my wife during her life, and after her decease the remainder of the trust fund to be divided between my five children john, elizabeth, lucy, hannah and sarah in such shares as my wife shall direct. And in default of such direction equally as the attain the age of 21 yrs. All my household furniture, plate, china, linen and wearing apparel to my wife. And since i have given my son thomas £400 i give him 1s only. And since i am about to give my son john a like sum i give him 1s only. I give to my daughters elizabeth, lucy, hannah, and sarah £400 each as follows. to elizabeth and lucy £100 within 10 months after my decease. To hannah and sarah £100 when they reach 21 yrs. To elizabeth, lucy, hannah and sarah £100 on their day of marriage. Each to have the remaining £200 within 12 months after the decease of my wife. Marriage to be with my wife's consent.If any one should die the portion to be equally divided between my children (except my sons thomas and jesse). As my daughter mary is unfortunately weak in her mental faculties my trustees to administer £400 for her and her lawfully begotten children. And i have given my son john the opportunity of taking my freehold estate at a low price on his promise to look after my daughter mary. And whereas my son jesse has had his full share and squandered it, and also his wife's fortune my trustees to pay him 2s weekly.The legacies to my daughters may be paid to them during my wife's lifetime with her consent.. Executors the said robert coster and thomas ray. Signed and sealed by testator. Dated 5 feb 1803. Wit: geo ryley, john clement, mary clement.
Personal estate less than £600
commission for oaths of executors issued 3 oct 1803. commission executed 6 oct 1803. Probate granted 26 oct 1803

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