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1649 john hidden greenham brk archd berks will/bd/inv/let//bill 6505
Will of john hidden of greenham yeoman
To nicholas hidden my brother £8. To my kinsman thomas hidden 40s and to john, alice and mary hidden three of the children of thomas hidden 40s each. To my kinswoman joane rowland wife of james rowland £4. To my kinswoman susan head , widow £3. To john rowland my godson 40s. To my kinswoman anne hidden of hungerford £3. The residue to my brother nicholas hidden who is to be sole executor.. Overseers to be james rowland of newbury clothier and thomas wilson of newbury scrivenor. Signed john hidden. Dated 18 may 1649. Wit: roger knight and elizabeth knight.
Codocil. john barksdale my godson, the son of anthony barksdale of shaw to have 20s legacy. Declared by john hidden in the presence of roger knight and william hall.
Inventory of the goods of john hidden of greenham taken by batholemew barrington, richard charlocke and thomas parker. Total £23-10s-0d. [mentions his books, brush and inkhorn and money lent to thomas hidden]. marks of bartholemew (X) barrington, richard (X) charlocke
Funerary expenses of john hidden of greenham. Total £4-6s-8d. [mentions driving sheep of john hidden to illesley]. Certified (?) etc 18 july 1649. [there is a second date viz 24 aug 1649]
Letter from john edmondes dated 13 dec 1649 at newbury to mr john hollowaye at his house in oxford asking that letters of administration be provided for thomas hidden
Administration bond for the estate of john hidden of greenham to thomas hidden cordwainer of speenhamland, nephew of john hidden because the sole executor nicholas hidden has died before taking upon him the execution of the will. Mark of arthur (X) nicholls. signature of thomas hidden.
Grant of admons to thomas hidden and arthur nicholls of the parish of st mary magdalene, city of oxford, cutler. Dated 15 dec 1649

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