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1591 anthony clydesdale hungerford brk PCC will 6513
Will of anthony hidden alias clidesdale of great hidden.
To be buried in parish church of hungerford. tripartite indenture between me, anthony my eldest son and george castell of farnhan co surrey gent dated 24 june 29 eliz which includes the condition that anthony be my sole executor and that i leave all my goods and chattels and debts to him. And anthony my son agrees that if my debts do not exceed £100 and that if my goods exceed £700 then anthony my son will execute my will and pay my debts and any legacies to my wife and children only provided that they do not exceed £1000.
To anne my wife £200. To thomas hidden my son £100 at the age of 23 yrs. To henry my son 100 marks at the age of 23 yrs. To alexander my son £100 at the age of 23 yrs. To nicholas my son £100 at the age of 23 yrs. To roger my youngest son £50 at the age of 23 yrs. To john my son £100 at the age of 23 yrs. To my daughters anne, ursula, jane and susan £100 each at the age of 23 yrs unless they marry in my lifetime in which case their legacy is void. Total bequests £950. Residue to anthony my son provided that he accept the execution of the will otherwise the bequest is void and my wife is to be sole executrix. Overseers my cousin mr william carrante of tummar co somerset esq, edmond chadwell of ebbesborne wake co wilts gent, william pottinger of hungerford, vincent smythe of charnham street. Signed by testator (with seal). Dated 15 feb 32 eliz [1589]. Wit: edmond chadwell per me john savage, thomas barkesdale, robert sallens, john james per me william bronker.
Codocil. To my wife anne in addition 2 feather beds and her plate that she brought with her and the stones that is at hungerford and the timbet that came from baulson park [etc]. rebates henry to £20, roger to £20, thomas and alexander to 100 marks. Ursula to have her legacy 4 years after my decease, alexander his legacy 2 years after my decease.
Codocil read and acknowledged by the testastor 25 feb 33 eliz in the presence of edmond chadwell and robt reymes. Wit: edmond chadwell, robert remes, edward hidden, anthony hidden, george hidden.
Copy attested 5 march 33 eliz by edmond chadwell william pottinger overseers, henry seyntebarbe, john lynche, george eton
Probate granted to anthony hidden son and executor named in the will 9 oct 1591

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