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1632 george hidden breamore ham PCC will 6514
Will of George hidden of breamore co southants yeoman
To the church and poor of hungerford and the church and poor of braemore 4os each. To my loving brother john worrell clerk of hungerford £5. To my loving brother alexander hedden £50 my gold ring and all my books. To my cousins anthony hedden and thomas hedden £4 each. To my cousin susan head their sister £5 and an annuity of £1 per annum for the term of my lease in a meadow called palemead in hungerford. To her son thomas £4 and to each of her other children £1 each. To martha hedden daughter of my brother william hedden deceased £4. To my loving sister jane pannell of hungerford £4 and an annuity of £4 per annum for the term of my lease in palemead unless she die before the expiration of the lease in which case her daughter phillis scriven to have £2 per annum. To phillis scriven £5 and to her son edward scriven my godson £5 and to everyone of her other children £1 each. To my cousin mary browne £5. To my godson george gray of braemore £1, to my godson roger edmunds 10s , to my godson george white 10s, to my godson henry stevens 10s, to my goddaughter elizabeth hedden £1, to my goddaughter elizabeth phillpot £3 and my silver spoon. To jane dote (?) and cicely parrocke 10s each. To elizabeth bampton 5s. To john rule, richard hollowaie and john white 5s each. To my cousin william scriven all my wearing apparell. My executor to be my loving cousin thomas worrell son of john worrell. Overseers mr thomas smith of hungerford gent and john gray of breamore. The legacy of edward scriven who is dead to be divided between his brothers and sisters. Signed by testator (with seal). dated 24 aug 1632. Wit: john gray, richard holloway, edward wellden
Probate granted london 6 feb 1632 to thomas wirrall the executor named in the will

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