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1643 edward clydesdale baydon wil PCC original will 6515
Will of edward hidden alias clichdale of baydon.
My wife to be my executrix. To my son edward when he is 16 years old my piece of huttland at sidhangers and my leasehold of goardlames, but if he dies before that age then my son thomas to have it. To my son thomas my leasehold at north hidden when he is 21 yrs old. To my daughter edith £55 when she is 21. To my daughter hannah £40 when she is 20. To my daughter joane £55 when she is 20. To my sister margarett 20s, to my sister susan 20s, to my sister elizabeth 20s. To edward chamberlaine one sheep. Mark of testator (with seal). Dated 18 aug 1643 (?) Wit: john bennett, anthony stroude.[ both witnesses sign]
Probate granted London 29 april 1643 to joanne hidden als clichdale relict and executrix named in the will. Oath sworn before the vicar of bishopstone [ nr swindon]

[sisters may be married and hence not called hidden]

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