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1640 john worrall hungerford brk PCC will 6666
Will of john worrall of hungerford berks clerk
One english prayer book to each of my friends mistress goddard of standen hussey, mistress browne of denford, my mother-in-law mistress bartlett and my wife jane worrall. To my son thomas's three children thomas, anne and bridget one sheep each. To my dau -in-law jane coverd 6 sheep. To jane coverd [unmarried and under 21] £2 and £8 from her grandparents francis and jane bartlett. The remainder to be shared equally between my wife jane and my son thomas except for a silver tankard given to thomas by his mother and my soule gold ring which is also to go to thomas. Overseers thomas garrett the elder of chipping lambourne and robert sandder of collingbourne clerk. Overssers to have one book apiece. My son thomas to have £100 and my whole study of books before the division between my wife and son.. And lastly not forgetting my brother-in-law alexander hidden i do give him one english book. Dated 13 nov 1640 Wit: jehosophat lucas, thomas barrett
Probate to thomas worrell the son

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