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1681 thomas bennet hungerford brk dean of sarum bond inv comm 7503
inventory of goods of thomas bennet of hungerford clerke
taken 24 september 1681 by james pearson gent and george clempson gent
in the study the library of books and shelves £30-0-0
1 fecture £1-0-0
in the hall 1 Greate mappe £1-0-0
11 gold rings, 2 locketts and a piduresett in gold £12-10-0
sum £236-3-1 1/2
one mortgage and 3 bonds £65-0-0
book debts £59-4-11 1/2

bond: presentes nos anna bennet de hungerford viduam et margretam lichfield spinster de hungerford in £500
1 october 1681
above bonden anna bennet the relict and adtrix of goods of thomas bennet of hungerford clerke intestate
signed: anne [lichfield erased] benitt
margerat lichfield
witnesses benjamin malden, susana(x) ball
you shall swear that mr thomas bennet your husband etc
administered by benjamin malden vicar of ramsbury 1 october 1681

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