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1617 thomas burges lambourn brk archd berks admons inv account bond 7537
admon register:
thomas burges of lamborn, 2 march 1617 to agneti [agnes] burges relict of the deceased.
sum inventory £86-10s-4d / £89

inventory of the goods of thomas burges of lamborne woodlands taken 23 february summa £86-10s-4d.
taken by thomas kymor (signs), robert (x) fynch, william (X) streate, robert (x) bacon)
exhibited oxon 2 march 1617
account of agnes burges the relict and administratix, exhibited 17 april 1618
sum of inventory £89-10-4d [sic]
follows list of funeral expenses etc
owing by the deceased at the time of his life and death to be paid by the accountant :-
to thomas smith of soley by bond 10s
to be paid to thomas seymor of lambourn by bond £22
to william kimber of ergaston by bond £8
to john granger of newbury by bond £3-6s
to edward barre of lambourn by bond £4
to mr greeneby of lambourn by bond £5
to john burges of lambourne by bond £6
to mr westle of chainly by bond £5
to john waterman of chilton by bond £3
to thomas lookros of auborn by bond £3
for a heriot to mr john waldron of hinton £3
bond: agnes burges of lambourn widow and john burges of lambourn husbandman £200, dated 2 march 14 jas.1 (1617)
signed john burges, agnes (x) burges
letter of admons to agnes burges.

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