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1575 john canon shalbourne brk dean of sarum will bond inv (2) 7558
will, bond and 2 inventories of john canon of shalborne, husbandman. Probate 24 september 1575
to richard winter a mare
to richard winters children
to john collings children
to john canon my brothers youngest son
to every my godchildren
to john garlic my godson
to thomas eares of ogbourne
to children of john canon of colingbourne
to robert younge of ham
to every my servents in my house
to alice winter
to thomas whitway
to elizabeth newport
to christian my wife
overseers thomas patie and thomas dowse
witnesses thomas pynch, curate and thomas whitway
additional bequest to alice wynter his daughter
inventory sum total £48-2s-6d
john canon of collingbourne owes him 50s
thom plummer is owed 40s
taked by john peerson, thomas patie, thomas dowse, john stockwell, thomas whitwaye, thomas baylie, 19 september 1575
bond: to agnes canon, widow of shallborne and henry pococke of the same husbandman, 11 july 18 eliz [1576]
admons to agnes to breed up agnes daughter of john cannon late of shallbourne husbandman
to william cannon and john goslinge overseers of last will and testament of john canon deceased.
[this looks like a different john canon]

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