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1709 alice chamberlain baydon wil dean of sarum will inv 7578
will of alice chamberlain of baydon widow dated 30 january 1709.
to my son henry 1s.
to grandaughter joanna chmaberlaine, daughter of the said henry 20s, and when she is 21 years old my little box and my bible.
to son in law thomas fisher 1s.
to son in law thomas dixon 1s.
to my two daughters ann and sarah my apparrell.
to son thomas chamberlain's daughter elizabeth, a feather bed.
to son thomas chamberlain's daughter mary, potts [etc].
to my son thomas, house, land, leasehold lands etc.
the mark of alice (x) chamberlyn.
witnesses henry(X)griffin, edith(X)gold, joseph pizzie junior.
inventory taken 15 july 1708, total £14-18s-0d.
the mark of thomas hiddin, robert wallrond, william herrett.
exhibited 5th may 1709.
probate 5 may 1709.

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