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1570 john ball hungerford brk dean of sarum will 9989
Will of john ball of hungerford smith. Dated 13 feb 1566
Tools [etc] to sons william ball and robert ball. Son thomas ball to get a legacy from the profits of the shop. Son richard to pay legacy to son anthony. Son anthony ball. Wife agnes ball to be executrix. Son richard to inherit the house after the death of agnes. Son-in-law thomas white; his wife and their children to have 'houseroom' for one year.
To loving brothers-in-law thomas perry and richard perry.
Overseers: my loving neighbours thomas watkyns and stephen whitenton
Wit: robert sawte, jeffrey fawler, john potter, and me edward bronker clerke
debt of 34 shillings? to henry edes to be paid by son richard, or his wife to sell part of the house

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