Cambridgeshire: Victuallers' Licences


Victuallers' Licences

Details of the location of Victuallers' Licences can be found in the book "VICTUALLERS' LICENCES - Records for Family and Local Historians" by Jeremey Gibson and Judith Hunter, published by the Federation of Family History Societies, ISBN 1 86006 048 X. This book contains details and descriptions of all records held for the Victuallers' Licences. Extracted below are specific references for Cambridgeshire.

Areas covered are the Boroughs which were their own licensing authority: Cambridge University which had jurisdiction over the town of Cambridge and parish of Chesterton for licensing purposes up to 1856; and Wisbech.

National records

Letters Patent (1554-71) : Cambridge, Caxton.
Vintners'fines (1569-72) : None.
Victuallers'(Lenten) Recognizances (1572-1634) .
Raleigh Wine Licences (1582-3, 1584-7, 1593-4,1596-7) .
Mompesson Licences (1620) : Balsham, Brinkley, Cambridge, Caxton, Dullingham, Ely (Isle of),Fordham, Islein(Isleham), Kneesworth, Newton, Witchford, (Gt.) Wilbraham, Wisbech, West Wratting.
Coventry Wine Licences (1626-1639) : Bottisham, Fowlmere, Linton, Soham, Wisbech.
Wine Licences. Pipe Office (1670-1756) .

Cambridge University Library

See D. M. Owen, Cambridge University Archives: A Classified List, under 'Vintners' etc, 1557-1913.

Victuallers' registers for Cambridge and parish of Chesterton 1552, 1606-1856 (microfilm at C.R.O.).
Isle of Ely licensed victuallers recognizanges 1613,1622, 1624,1627,1653-54, 1656-57, 1660-64, 1755-75

Cambridgeshire Record Office, Cambridge.

1662-1828: Inns and Alehouses

Cambridge University records

Victuallers' registers for Cambridge and parish of Chesterton 1552, 1606-1856, microfilm (original registers are held by Cambridge University Library).

Quarter Sessions records

Volumes of recognizances of Cambridgeshire county victuallers 1728-58, 1764-1828. Isle of Ely licensed victuallers' recognizances register 1822-23.
Note. Most Isle of Ely Quarter Sessions records prior to 1836 are in Cambridge University Library .

Petty Sessions records

Ely and South Witchford Petty Sessions Division: Ale-house minutes granted 1740-1918 (registers of alehouse certificates). See also below under 'Minutes and court registers'.

1828 on: Inns, Public Houses and Beer Shops
Petty Sessions records

Registers of licences: Arrington and Melbourn Petty Sessions Division 1939-68: Boftisham Petty Sessional Division. 1903-1968; Cambridge Borough (later City) l872-1946; Cambridge Petty Sessional Division 1923-68; Caxton Petty Sessions Division 1943-68; Ely and South Witchford Division: Alehouse minutes - see above, Alehouse registers 1875-88, 1901-1911, Beerhouse minutes (registers of certificates granted) 1869-1918, Beerhouse registers 1875-88, 1901-11, Licence registers (alehouse, beer) 1912-70; Linton Petty Sessional Division 1949-68; Newmarket Petty Sessional Division 1875-92, 1898-1968; North Witchford Petty Sessional Division: Chatteris subdivision 1872-1927,1929-69; March subdivision 1921-69: Whittlesey Petty Sessional Division 1927-69; Wisbech Borough Petty Sessional Division 1872-99, 1906-69; Wisbech Petty Sessional Division 1925-1969.

Minute books and court registers (not all of these have been checked, but some do record transfers, applications, etc): Arrington and Melbourn, court registers 1913-80, minutes 1946-57; Bottisham, court registers 1880-1980, minutes1876-81; Cambridge Borough, court registers 1869-1983, minutes 1878-1959; Cambridge Petty Sessional Division, court registers 1863-1875, 1903-77, including recognizances of licences from 1863, minutes 1895-1957; Caxton court registers 1934-80, minutes 1945-57; Ely and South Witchford, court registers 1880-1983, minutes 1796-1806, 1872-1977, licence minutes 1879-95; Linton, court register 1915-80, minutes 1873-1957; Newmarket, court registers 1880-1983, minutes 1880-1940, licence minutes 1903; North Witchford Petty Sessional Division licence minutes 1842-69; North Witchford, March subdivision court registers 1915-70, minutes 1935-76; North Witchford, Chatteris subdivision court registers 1915-68, minutes 1899-1976; Whittlesey, court registers 1915-70, minutes 1895-1976; Wisbech Borough, court registers 1915-70; Wisbech, court registers 1946-70, minutes 1944-60.

Register of convictions for licensing offences: Ely and South Witchford Petty Sessional Division 1867-1902.
Licensing returns: Arrington and Melbourn Division 1903; Cambridge Division, list 1882; Isle of Ely return 1906; Linton Division, list of licensed houses 1903.
Licensing maps - a few.

Police records

Chief Police Office's annual reports to licence JPS 1892-1945 (incomplete), Ely and South Witchford Division.
Other licences

Music and dancing licences: Newmarket Petty Sessional Division 1953-73; North Witchford, Chatteris subdivision 1950-1965; North Witchford, March subdivision 1950-69.

Note . No relevant records are held by the Wisbech and Fenland Museum .

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