BOLLINGTON: Holy Trinity (Church of England)

Bollington Road

Church History

Founded in 1869 as the district church for the townships of Agden and Bollington, and part of the township of Millington (previously served by Bowdon: St. Mary and Rostherne: St. Mary). The boundaries of "The Consolidated Chapelry of the Holy Trinity, Bollington" were described in the London Gazette on 10 August 1869:

"All those several contiguous portions of the parish of Rostherne, and of the parish of Bowdon, both in the county of Chester, and in the diocese of Chester, which are comprised within, and are co-extensive with, the limits of the townships of Bollington and of Agden. And also all that contiguous portion of the said parish of Rostherne which is comprised within, and is co-extensive with, so much of the township of Millington as is bounded on the north by the township of Bollington aforesaid, on the south-west by the said township of Agden, and on the remaining side, that is to say, on the south-east, by an imaginary line commencing upon the boundary which divides the last-named township from the township of Millington aforesaid, at a point at Booth Bank, in the middle of the road, which leads from High Leigh to Rostherne, at its junction with the public footpath leading from Booth Bank aforesaid to Spord's Green; and extending thence, first eastward and then north-eastward, for a distance of three quarters of a mile along the middle of the said footpath to the boundary, near Spord's-green aforesaid, which divides the said township of Millington from the township of Bollington aforesaid."

On 20 June 1973 the district was amalgamated with that of Rostherne: St. Mary, to form the combined district of "Rostherne with Bollington".

Church Records

C = Christenings (Baptisms) ; M = Marriages ; B = Burials ; BTs = Bishop's Transcripts

Original Registers M 1871-1973 — Cheshire Record Office (P 325)
C from 1870 ; M from 1973 ; B from 1871 — Church
Bishop's Transcripts 1870-1883 (microfilmed) — Cheshire Record Office ; Family History Society of Cheshire
Microfilm Copies M 1871-1973 — Cheshire Record Office
Copies and Indexes M 1871-1973 — Cheshire BMD (CE:1078)
B from 1971 (index) — Church
Monumental Inscriptions Published by North Cheshire Family History Society (edited by H. Day), 1988

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