STRETTON: St. Matthew (Church of England)

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Church History

Built in 1827 as a chapel to Great Budworth: St. Mary & All Saints. In 1834 it became the district church for the townships of Stretton and Appleton (previously served by Great Budworth: St. Mary & All Saints). The boundaries of "The Stretton District" were described in the London Gazette on 15 July 1834:

"The boundary to commence at Bradley-brook, and proceeding by the boundary of Higher Whitley to the point marked L.; and crossing the Warrington road to the point K.; thence to the north by Whitley-road to the point Q.; and turning to the north east to the point R. ; where it falls in with the boundary of Crowley ; and continues from thence to the north as far as the point S.; thence to the north west to the point T. ; whence it continues by the boundary of Grappenall as far as the point U.; thence by an irregular boundary till it joins the River Mersey, near Mildenpool, and takes a south west direction to the point V. ; and turning to the south east to the point H. ; and from thence to Bradley-brook, where the boundary commenced"

The district was affected by the following boundary changes:

Church Records

C = Christenings (Baptisms) ; M = Marriages ; B = Burials ; BTs = Bishop's Transcripts

Original RegistersC 1827-1999 ; M 1835-2011 ; B 1828-1960 — Cheshire Archives (P 240)
C from 1999 ; M from 2011 ; B from 1960 — Church
Microfilm CopiesC 1827-1944 ; M 1835-1938 ; B 1828-1960 — Cheshire Archives
C 1827-1914 ; M 1835-1938 ; B 1828-1921 — Family History Society of Cheshire ; Warrington Library
Bishop's Transcripts1827-1851, 1896-1899 (microfilmed) — Cheshire Archives
Copies and IndexesM 1835-1837 — Bertram Merrell Marriage Index of Cheshire (1750-1836)
M 1837-1933 — Cheshire BMD (WA:C19)
Monumental InscriptionsPublished by the Family History Society of Cheshire (edited by V. Noble), 1996

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