BIRKENHEAD: St. Matthew (Church of England)

Claughton Road, later Park Road East..

Church History

Built in 1882 as a chapel to Birkenhead: Holy Trinity. A new building was opened 1889 in Park Road East, which  in 1914 became the district church for part of the township of Birkenhead. The boundaries of "The District Chapelry of Saint Matthew, Birkenhead" were described in the London Gazette on 21 July 1914:

"All that part of the Ecclesiastical district of the Holy Trinity, Birkenhead, within the parish of Saint Mary, Birkenhead, in the county of Chester, and in the diocese of Chester, which is bounded upon all sides as follows, that is to say, upon the south by the new parish of Saint John, Birkenhead, upon the north-west by the new parish of Saint Anne, Birkenhead, and upon the north-east partly by the new parish of Saint Peter, Birkenhead, all in the said county and diocese, and partly by an imaginary line commencing at the junction of Conway Street with Watson Street and Exmouth Street, and extending thence south-eastward'along the middle of Conway Street for a distance of twenty-nine chains and a half or thereabouts to the junction of Conway Street with Claughton Road, upon the boundary which divides the said Ecclesiastical district of the Holy Trinity, Birkerihead, from the said new parish of Saint John, Birkenhead."

On 23 April 1969 the district was amalgamated with that of Birkenhead: St. Peter, to form the combined district of "St. Peter with St. Matthew". St. Matthew's closed in 1974.

Church Records

C = Christenings (Baptisms) ; M = Marriages ; B = Burials ; BTs = Bishop's Transcripts

Original Registers C 1889-1969 ; M 1914-1969 — Cheshire Record Office (P 104)
Microfilm Copies C 1889-1954 ; M 1914-1953 — Cheshire Record Office ; Birkenhead Central Library
Copies and Indexes M 1914-1953 — Cheshire BMD (WR:BK9)
Notes B — none

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