CHESTER: St. Oswald (Church of England)

Queen Street.

Church History

The south transept of Chester: Cathedral served as the ancient parish church of St. Oswald, which originally served the townships of Bache, Croughton, Great Boughton, Iddinshall, Newton by Chester and Wervin, and parts of Blacon cum Crabwall, Upton by Chester, and the City of Chester. It also included the ancient parochial chapelry of Bruera: St. Mary.

The district was affected by the following boundary changes:

  • 1843 — reduced when the township of Newton by Chester and part of the city of Chester were transferred to Chester: Christ Church.
  • 1846 July 10 — reduced when part of the parish within the city of Chester, and part of the township of Great Boughton, were transferred to Chester: St. Paul.
  • 1882 February 17 — reduced when the area within the city walls was transferred to Chester: St. Peter; the cathedral transept ceased to be the parish church, and Chester: St. Thomas of Canterbury became the district church for the part of St. Oswald's parish lying outside the city walls,
  • 1882 December 8 — reduced when the constituent parts of the township of Upton by Chester and Blacon cum Crabwall were transferred to Upton: Holy Ascension.
  • 1960 December 21 — enlarged when an area was transferred from Chester: Holy Trinity (details not available).
  • 1960 December 21 — reduced when an area was transferred to Chester: Holy Trinity without the Walls (details not available).
  • 1967 November 28 — enlarged to include the district of Chester: Little St. John, and the amalgamated district was renamed "Saint Oswald with Little Saint John".

On 28 November 1967 the district was amalgamated with that of Chester: Little St. John, to form the combined district of "St. Oswald with Little St. John". In January 1973 this became part of a unified district for the city of Chester.

Church Records

C = Christenings (Baptisms) ; M = Marriages ; B = Burials ; BTs = Bishop's Transcripts

Original Registers C 1581-1884 ; M 1581-1880 ; B 1581-1854— Cheshire Archives (P 29)
C from 1881 ; M from 1881 — see Chester: St. Thomas of Canterbury
Microfilm Copies C 1581-1884 ; M 1581-1880 ; B 1581-1854 — Cheshire Archives, Manchester Archives & Local Studies, Family History Society of Cheshire, Ellesmere Port Library
Bishop's Transcripts 1603-05, 1608-10, 1613-14, 1616-18, 1622-25, 1636-41, 1666-67, 1669-77, 1679-85, 1690, 1693-1716, 1718-31, 1733-81, 1783-1838 (microfilmed) — Cheshire Archives
Copies and Indexes CB 1581-1628 ; M 1634-1700 — Society of Genealogists' Library
M 1581-1700 — published in: 'The Marriage Registers of St. Oswald, Chester ', Cheshire Sheaf, series 3, vols. 2-3 (1898-1901)
M 1581-1700 — North & East Cheshire Marriage Index - may be viewable at subscription sites such as ancestry or findmypast
M 1610-1837 (incomplete) — Bertram Merrell Marriage Index of Cheshire (1750-1836)
M 1837-1880 — Cheshire BMD (CW:CE15)
Monumental Inscriptions Cheshire Archives

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