PORTWOOD: St. Paul (Church of England)

Great Portwood Street.

Church History

Founded in 1844 as the district church for part of Brinnington (previously served by Stockport: St. Mary the Virgin). The boundaries of "The District of Portwood" were described in the London Gazette on 3 June 1844:

"All that part of the township of Brinnington, in the parish of Stockport, in the said county and diocese of Chester, lying within the borough of Stockport, and bounded on the north-east by the remaining portion of the said township of Brinnington, on the south, south-east, and south-west, by the river Mersey, and on the west and northwest, by the township of Heaton Norris, in the parish of Manchester, and in the said county of Lancaster.

The district was affected by the following boundary changes:

  • 1876 October 27 — enlarged when the following area was transferred from Stockport: St. Mary the Virgin: "All that part of the said parish of Stockport wherein the present incumbent of such parish now possesses the exclusive cure of souls which is comprised within and is co-extensive with the limits of the remaining portion of the said township of Brinnington, which is situate to the north of the imaginary line constituting a part of the boundary of the parliamentary borough of Stockpoit and which said imaginary line extends between the River Tame on the west and the River Mersey on the east"
  • 1963 April 11 — reduced when part of Brinnington was transferred to Brinnington: St. Luke the Evangelist.

On 23 June 1971 the district was united with that of Portwood: St. Paul to form the combined district of "Brinnington with Portwood". St. Paul's church was closed and demolished shortly afterwards.

Church Records

C = Christenings (Baptisms) ; M = Marriages ; B = Burials ; BTs = Bishop's Transcripts

Original Registers C 1851-1971 ; M 1851-1970 ; B 1851-1970 — Cheshire Record Office (P 229)
Microfilm Copies C 1851-1953 ; M 1851-1940 ; B 1851-1970 — Cheshire Record Office
M 1866-1897 — Stockport Heritage Library
Copies and Indexes C 1953-1971 ; M 1866-1965 (transcript) — Stockport Heritage Library
M 1851-1970 — Cheshire BMD (ST:ST11)
B 1851-1971 — National Burial Index
B 1851-1971 — published by North Cheshire Family History Society
Monumental Inscriptions Transcript, 1974 — Cheshire Record Office

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